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Mount Shark Ridge from LakeKarst SpringsBreak out of treesBest to stay right on top. It was so windy we tried to go around right but too much scree/less fun.Already off crest - better to be right on it if can.Scree bypass and then climb scrappy ledges.Scree - a waste on nice ridge like this. Howling cold wind and graupel.Came across this.Finally back on ridge as storm went by although still windy.Looking back at ledge traverse.Summit in sight after 5 false bumps.Spray lakesSir DouglasAssiniboineStorm moved off East to North of Robertson.On of the bumps to reclimb.Looking back at Wietse and summit.About to climb the downclimb.Thanks Wietse for the photo shoot sequence.DSC01785_v1 (2) (Custom)