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kev_s_pics_2_024kev_s_pics_2_026One of the avi paths we crossedMe breaking trail. The track dissapeared out in the open.kev_s_pics_2_033P1040019Ridge beside pass with sunshine, twin cairns. Kev is having fun.Tele of bench/wall. Summer trail from wawa to healy pass run above this wall but not sure where you cut down in winter. The gullies/ramps to the left of pic probably can be done if enough snow and lowP1040023Simpson pass area with twin cairns and Quartz ridge. Must be a way through wall without having to go right down to pass.kev_s_pics_2_034P1040031Couple of other skiers below us. Low angle so we could hardly get going fast enough to actually turn. We did not want to risk anything higher angle.Date: 01/12/2008